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In a wilderness experience with God, I surrendered it all; all that I thought that I knew about how to live life! After the death of my teenage son. I was consumed with sadness, anger, despair and bitterness. I was reclusive and alone. I had lost my way, my purpose and a zest for life. I was deep in the dark valley of emotional pain and suffering. And then one day, I mindfully admitted that I was lost and couldn't fine my way. So, in the midst of grief, I cried out to God screaming and sobbing about how angry, sad and hurt I was. And then, I heard a still small voice say "I know."  Documentation for this book series "Wild & Engraced by Your Own Power" began to take shape.

Lendell's Bio...

Lendell McEwen is an author, entrepreneur, advocate for the grieved, and community development change agent. She is the founder of Adell Signatures, LLC freelance writing and publishing company and Peaceful Directions, LLC, a global recovery firm that specializes in a centralized approach for grief, loss and depression with online therapy and resources.

She has a master’s degree in educational administration and supervision and a bachelor’s degree in business administration. For years Lendell has been helping women owned firms with business development and business certification. Lendell founded the Peaceful Directions online wellness center to provide the much-needed help to individuals experiencing emotional pain and suffering due to loss (loss of a loved one and or grief associated with changes from life’s transitional events).

Lendell’s goal is to provide an online platform to encourage those who feel broken in spirit to get the help needed for inner peace. She wants to inspire men, women, and youth suffering from depression to rediscover and reclaim their inner power.

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