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The Wilderness Journey with God!


Wild & Engraced by Your Own Power is a spiritually centered novel about God's infinite love and power. A powerful spirit filled book. this is a soul stirring story of one woman’s journey in rediscovering God’s Divine forgiveness, mercy, grace, and love. Through a spirited agenda from God, the author shares her wild roller coaster ride of emotional suffering after the loss of a child.  From emotional suffering to a total surrender, transformation and conversion process, the author was humbling herself enough where God would reveal heavenly messages for personal healing and to share with the world. The messages call for humanity to awaken to the presence of God in our lives and the pressing need for each of us to learn how to live life from a spiritual perspective. Lendell McEwen shares the divine correspondence, instructions and messages that came in the forms of a still small voice, visitations of angels and phrases in visions, and dreams.

Wild & Engraced by Your Own Power

ISBN: 978-0-9790718-1-2

The wilderness journey with God! Embark on a journey of awakening from separation, wildness and emotional pain and sorrow to the power of divine communications, interconnection, intelligence and truth. Hear the voice of God through divine inspirations that seem to speak to the soul of humanity through the power of an agenda spirited by and with pure love.

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