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Read An Excerpt from Wild & Engraced by Your Own Power!

A Wilderness Journey With God... Where you allow God to speak directly to you!

God Speaks


“My dear love, welcome. You have arrived!


“My dear love, welcome. You have arrived!  It is by no mistake that you have come under the sound of my still small voice. By divine design, there was synchronicity every step of the way as a host of angels have been directing your path to guide you here on this day, at this specific time. I have been waiting so patiently for you. I have come so that you will be reminded how much I do love you so! You mean so much to me. I have sought to get your attention, but it seems you have been distracted so much that you are having difficulty hearing me. I have been communicating to you on many levels and in various ways but, most often through soft-spoken whispers in your ear. I have been commissioning you to wake up out of your spiritual slumber! I am a part of your conscious, subconscious, and atmosphere. I Am the Source, Force, Energy, and the Power from which all things flow. There have been gentle nudges, as I have been waiting for you to feel the tender movement of the angels’ wings.

The angels have been trying to get you to hear the ethereal communications and to notice their guidance, helping you to co-create a predestined agenda. The Holy Spirit has been guiding you and whispering to you so that you will remember that it was a part of the divine plan that you were to embark on a passage to the planet earth to journey to bring an assignment to fruition. It seems that your unconscious memory has selectively forgotten that your birth on earth is a strategic trip that you and I agreed with. However, since your departure, you have often strayed away from the powerful knowledge and movement of the intended course, making it difficult to keep your attention on the mission and drawn near to me. My love, do you not remember that it was my infinite power, and divine grace, and love that anointed you and equipped you to fulfill a purpose here? I gave you what no one else can; life and the tools to succeed on the journey. Upon your birth here, you were fully graced with spiritual intelligence, power, and knowledge to endure the transcendent journey to spiritual growth and enlightenment!


You ask what the journey of life is. The journey of your earthly life is a spiritual voyage that was covenanted and spirited through a love relationship with me, prior to your birth on earth. In fact, everything about you and your existence here is a spirited agenda of love. Your entire life is one that is of spiritual nature and of infinite time and space which cannot be fully explained through worldly concepts and knowledge. It is a journey that requires that you constantly rely on the Holy Spirit for reminders of which direction and pathways you should follow. It is through the Holy Spirit, that spiritual knowledge is given unto you. As well, the power of my energy flows through you in constant movement for growth and change. Nothing remains the same. Everything is in a progressive movement. Through the Holy Spirit and the spiritual guides, you are given spiritual intelligence, insight and knowledge that is constantly illuminating the pathways of life. What you do not remember is that life really is a path that surpasses all boundaries, time and understanding as you know on earth. Life itself is a spiritual movement and an inexplicable expedition that has no end. In your physical existence there in the earthly realm, you will go through different transition and growth stages. Earthly life is an expression of your soul which has traveled through dimensions to follow its divinely inspired spiritual purpose. You were, are and always will be connected and in an incomparable love relationship with me. You must never forget that you are exceptional to me because you are made in the essence of me; your Father, Mother, God.

I cannot say it enough; life is a journey of your soul that I sent you on with a specific mission and purpose. And, as you are made in the likeness of me, you must never forget that you are always spiritually connected to the source of your origination. Your earthly life must not deter you, because of where and whom you come from. You have a spiritual intellect and abilities that can move you beyond any comprehension of the earthly world. This intelligence is the energy source that powers your ability to see, hear, feel, know, and do things at a level that only Divine Spirit can provide and only Divine Spirit can understand. It is the divine knowledge of knowing and the divine knowledge of movement. It is the energy source that gives you divine knowledge and energy that powers your entire movement through this earthly life, through your return to heavenly life, which is eternal life. It is an intelligence that conveys to you that within your spirit is divine authority and power for supernatural miracles to occur. Your life is an aspect of My Power, and you living an awakened life is powerful.

Understand my love, you have an internal spiritual force that is guiding you through the maze of complex experiences in a world that you were sent to visit. Your journey there is not permanent; instead, it is one of spiritual transformation and growth, evolving progression and eventually departure, even if it is when you are 120 years of age. You must also remember that even though your entry and exit seem to be in solitaire, you have never been nor ever will be isolated from the spiritual companions of the heavens. They are the spiritual instruments and the guiding forces in your life. The Holy Spirit is always with you to comfort, teach and guide. Jesus is the light that guides you to salvation and truth. The guardian angels are all around you and they are who I have graced to intercede, to rearrange and to orchestrate and perform miracles on my behalf. And, at times in which I have permitted, your ancestors are close by as keepers of love and faith in all that you do. You are never alone. Through my grace, you are always equipped with and surrounded by love and power that is greater than the world.

You were sent to the universe with infinite power and the love of me; God, to run the race of life. You have a specific path and a divine agenda to fulfill. And you are expected to "esteem-to-try" to do all that you can to stay a specific course designed for your soul and the soul of others' growth. In knowing this, you must do all that you can to learn how to live your life from a spiritual perspective, doing what is right and good. This means awakening to the calling that I have for your life and sharing your God-given gifts with the world. You see all of humankind was sent to serve as messengers of love and light and it is through your gifts that you are agents of change. This does not mean running wild while chasing all sorts of dreams. It simply means to follow the love agenda as the theme of life. This is where your passions in life lie. As you make love the agenda, you learn how to just “be.” I Am that I Am, you are that you are. You don’t have to try to be something because, within you, you already are who you are to become or be. In life you go through the growth process of manifesting what already is. Have peace in knowing this. Be still and know that I am God and, in this stillness, know that I love you more than anyone can. Be all that you can be, and positive changes can occur in the world one person at a time.  Each person has a personal responsibility to listen to the ethereal communications and then learn how to live life with spiritual intention, mission, and purpose.

The peace, love and harmony in the world depend not just on the clergy, but on the powerful response of the majority, who are souls who were chosen by me to be sent to earth to spread the news about my love agenda. The journey of life is one of spiritual knowledge and instinctive celestial knowledge that you are to move in your life and through life as an agent of change with love, peace, and the power of Divinity. So, again, the journey of life is a powerful response of the majority to the minority who do not believe in higher power, to get in the flow and move through life with a conscious awareness of knowing that there is more to living than what you can get. It is about giving and sharing in the spirit of God, which is the common thread of an agenda filled with love. Love is the agenda, and, through my power, you are the source that is commissioned to carry the agenda through to its completion. Every soul that you meet has a reason and purpose for you to serve as a positive impact in their lives rather than a threat or defense which is not of your true nature. You are the receiver of my love and are to serve as a broadcasting vessel of my love.

I am communicating with you. There is a barrage of constant and ever-present ethereal messages from me that are being sent to you daily. Take time to listen. Take time to learn how to hear the voice of God. Learn how to recognize when and how I am communicating with you. I am continuously conveying my omnipresent adoration and eternal love for you. Through heavenly insights and revelations, soft whispers, intuition, instinct and visions and dreams, I make known my everlasting compassion and will for the entire journey of your life. I am the originator of your life and the coauthor of this specific agenda for you. Life is indeed “a spirited agenda” of infinite love and power and, it is through a surge powered by the energy force of me, that the Holy Spirit is guiding you through a constant transformation voyage of your soul? It is a magnificent journey of everlasting indescribable love, peace, and power. Demonstrated by my unwavering grace, you can be assured that my love, peace, and power are with you through every single challenge and celebration.

I want you to know, even if I have to say it one hundred times, that always, there is an abundance of overflowing infinite knowledge and power that resides within you. It is a powerful vibration that continuously flows from my spirit to yours. I do not think that you realize the dynamic force that is within you through my spirit. Before the beginning of your life on earth, you were and always will be, connected with this divine power of energy that flows from Me, the creator of the heavens and the earth. This energy force will be with you always. It is in every fiber of your being. This is the spirit part of who you are. It is through the Holy Spirit, which is the source of power and the infinite life-sustaining energy force of all things. The Holy Spirit is the infinite energy source that powers you to run the race of life. I cannot state it enough; it is through the Holy Spirit, that the light of Divinity illuminates the pathways of your earthly journey, to help you to make wise choices to stay the course that is predestined for you.

And, although it can be challenging at times, as you look to make the right choices, you must be steadfast about esteeming to try to live a life of excellence determined to be the very best that you can be. In time, as you move through life, striving for greatness, you will discover that abundant favor is the overpayment of miracles, blessings, and wonders. I promise you that my anointing oil will fill your cup as it overflows with the goodness of my mercy. My anointing power is what powers you where you are never lacking in spiritual intelligence and knowledge or an energy that moves you through all points in time and space. If you are in the flow of this divine power, you will never have to wonder about whether you have a purpose and meaning in life. Everything that ever was and that will ever be, has a predestined agenda that is guided by the Divine Spirit. This is the secret. Although you have a choice of whether you will stay the course, my power is a guiding force that moves all people and things in all universes. Through the constant ethereal communications of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the angels, you can be assured that you are guided by the eternal light, through the maze of life that eventually leads to the evolving transformation of your soul. It is the journey of life guiding you to spiritual growth and finding your way back home.

The sooner that you learn that separation from Me is not possible. It is only your need to be wild from Me that causes your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and behaviors to be away from Me. Separation is not meant for you, and the quicker you are able to be in alignment with the authentic guiding source of true power, the sooner you are reestablished in your truth. Constant connection to the creator of all things is the essence of your spiritual nature. In fact, this is the one big thing that you have forgotten; you do not have to decide that you are spiritual, you are spirit and therefore of spiritual nature and indeed spiritual. This is your truth. Away from your true nature is a life filled with wild emotional pain, physical separation from me and total darkness in the world of human nature, even though you cannot be separated from my spirit and my love and grace that are within you. Remember this, being disconnected mindfully from Divinity is wild thinking. But this wrongful way of thinking can be overcome by making a conscious choice to change.

What you do not understand is that everything is spiritual, even though it has manifested into the physical. Once you understand this, you will know that there is no need to chase anything because, as you are in harmony with the Divine Spirit, everything that is for you, you will be drawn to the loving agenda of its origin. Again, it is through the guiding light of Jesus and your intentional focus within, that you will be reestablished with your truth, where the spirit of God resides? This is soul thinking, which is the vehicle that propels you to fulfill your true destiny. Soul thinking is spiritual clarity, and it will inspire you on a personal quest for purpose, direction and meaning in life. This spiritual intelligence is a constant guiding force that communicates with you and helps you to be in tune with the divine spiritual presence of yourself. It is through this intelligence that you are able to know your true passions for life and you will be able to recognize and conquer negative experiences, and spiritually draining thoughts, behaviors and the never ending cycles of your own illusions of what power really is.

My dear one, as I end this conversation for now, you must remember that my infinite power is the light that illuminates the pathways throughout the journey of your life, helping you to choose the right way and to know how to conduct yourself in the ways of the divine will of God. This divinely inspired journey is my gift to you, where my son Jesus came to bring you out of the darkness into the light for a powerful, intimate, everlasting love relationship with me. Make no mistake, the power of the guiding force of me will, by whatever means I so choose, constantly be leading you to fulfill the mission and purpose for your life and the lives of those around you. And it is through this power that you will stay in the flow of the energy force of the eternal creator of life and master of spiritual truth.
Never, ever forget that the Holy Spirit is the power source that helps you to see things from the perspective of your higher divine self. The Holy Spirit is the primary influence of helping you from a spiritual perspective to find your way out of being lost from the human perspective, and then, through positive changes, the way you think, behave, believe, act, make choices and treat others will be transformed. It is through this Divine Spirit, which is within the dwelling of the physical body, that you can see all affairs of your life and those around you with spiritual clarity and intelligence. This divine power gives you heavenly abilities of spiritual sight, wisdom, intellect, instinct, and unconditional unwavering peace and love. The divine spirit is the heavenly energy, vibration, and flow of all life.

Do not forget, the Holy Spirit is the comforter and teacher of the journey in this life. The Holy Spirit is the compass guiding you to Divine Consciousness and the merging into total oneness with the spirit of me; God in you. As you learn to listen to the spirit within, you will begin to view things from a spiritual perspective and not just the human part of yourself. This will cause you to leave old negative ways behind. As you become one with the master of your soul, you will be enthralled and in a love relationship with the authentic power source. Love will be the spirited agenda and the highlight of your day. In the loving divine energy flow, you will no longer desire to be wild and disconnected driven by false worldly power. Instead of being consciously separated from the thought, the knowing that God is with you, you will be intentionally seeking to know the One who powers all things.” You will never ever be the same as you were before. I am God. The Power is Upon You!




Copyright © 2014 by Lendell McEwen all rights reserved


Copyright © 2014 by Lendell McEwen all rights reserved

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