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A Powerful Manuscript About God's Love & Power (Release date: January 2022)

Welcome! Thank you for visiting here. My name is Lendell McEwen and I am the author of the manuscript Wild & Engraced by Your Own Power! I am also the CEO, and Founder of Peaceful Directions grief, loss, and depression wellness center, and the CEO of Adell Signatures publishing and freelance writing studio. I love creative writing, business development, and being an advocate for the grieving.


My inspirations come from the loves of my life. God who is the head of life, my two loving sons Jackye and Jay, my brothers Leorn, Frederick, and Nelson, my sister Phyllis, and my beautiful mother and father. And it would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the loving support of my aunt Leanna. I am grateful for their loving presence. This soulful journey means the world to me because of them. They've taught me what love is, and that it is a divine spiritual gift that, in its purest form, keeps on giving. It is through God and their love for me that the book and business came to fruition.


The darkest day of my life was when I lost my eldest son, Jackye. The pain of a parent losing a child is indescribable. I was devastated and distraught, to say the least. Nothing seemed to ease the pain. My family had experienced cumulative losses (my mother before Jackye, and aunt and father after him), which was emotionally and psychologically draining. I couldn't find my way through the pain of grief, depression, and fear. I lost my way, my self-esteem, my purpose and zest in life.

It has been a long painful journey, but after years of prayer, meditation, and surrendering everything to God, and allowing Him to work with me on a personal voyage of love, forgiveness, gratitude, and grace, I am now getting to a place where I can speak and write about it. The personal manuscripts, and the business endeavors above, seem to have divinely chosen me. I believe this is so that I can share my story in hopes that it will help to shine a light on the importance of our society, not overlooking the seriousness of emotional and mental suffering in the world.


There is value in the much needed resources that support inner peace, and mental health, and wellness. Our mental health affects every aspect of our lives, including our inner reconciliation, self-esteem and personal power. My prayer is that if you or someone you know is grieving loss of any kind, you will know that you are not alone. You are special! You are loved.  And there are resources in your local communities where you can get help to overcome it!

I absolutely love what I am doing now, in memory of my son Jackye and other loved ones. Every since I can remember, I've always felt like I am in my element when helping others. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing people who feel disheartened, disengaged, and disenfranchised, begin to feel hopeful again and to see their way through emotional suffering, fear, and inner turmoil. I aim to help others know that they can draw their power back to them-- simply by sharing my story, of my own devastating experiences of grief, loss, and severe depression.

My empathy, passion and purpose were derived from these difficult experiences, which, again, is why I am in a happy place when I am helping people like me who have lost themselves through the affects of life's transitional events. I remember desperately needing help in regaining the strength and confidence needed to relearn how to live life without my eldest child. I had to rediscover my purpose in life. And as I began to reclaim my power, I was drawn to the things which I believe that I was sent here to do.

As a business professional for years, I’ve served in positions helping others to achieve their goals, and now at this station in life, I am regaining the energy and passion needed to write and launch my books and businesses. I hope that the story of my journey of reclaiming my power will help someone else through emotional trauma and the dark valley wilderness situations.

I am eager to share with you and the world about the divine communications that God is whispering to all who are in the universe at this unique time and are eager to hear, listen and to obey. My debut novel, Wild & Engraced by Your Own Power, is now available for order. The digital eBook will be available soon! I am looking forward to posting the release dates as soon as I have them. If you want to get updates, check me out on my blog (coming soon), Facebook (Lendell McEwen, Author), LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Love, Peace and Power!

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Copyright © 2014 by Lendell McEwen all rights reserved

"Wild and Engraced by Your Own Power is a call for humanity to get back to love! An engaging story filled with spiritual insights about the majestic beauty of God’s love and power. This beautifully written book of love and loss speaks to the heart of the reader reminding us that the power of Divine love is what will bring us through such difficult and fragile times in the world." -


Lisa J. Lindsay Wicker, PhD, President & CEO, Linwick & Associates, LLC and Career Mastered Magazine

"A delightful book full of inspirational information for the soul! As humanity struggles to advance to a higher level of consciousness, this insightful manuscript is one that you can truly enjoy. It is a reminder that we are linked in a divine relationship with a higher power. A great read for book lovers of various genres." -


Florence Anthony, Syndicated Celebrity Radio Host, Publisher & Editor-In-Chief, Noir Magazine, Columnist “Flo on the Go” and Television Personality

"Lendell McEwen has written a must-read book for anyone grappling with understanding the power of fear and love. She takes readers on a beautiful journey of her struggle to learn how to surrender and let God help her to work through the perilous process of grieving after the loss of a child. This book is an inspiring manuscript of how faith, determination and the power of God’s love can help us to be resilient." -


Marilyn French Hubbard, PhD, Founder, National Association of Black Women Entrepreneurs, Author of "Sisters Are Cashing In: How Every Woman Can Make Her Financial Dreams Come True

Strikingly perfect for times such as these! Insightful and entertaining, like personally communicating with God!.


Wild and Engraced by Your Own Power is a definite page-flipper.




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